Wednesday, March 3, 2021

RMA  CPU AMD 3700x after 16 months of use.


  • daily BSOD (blue screen of death), frequency of crashes increased in the last months
  • crashes during gaming and heavy loads
  • spontaneous reboots
  • CPU temps were normal under 100% load from stress benchmark cpu-z (60C) and 29C at idle.
  • NO WHEA errors.

  1. Clean install of windows10
  2. Part swapping: you need to remove the things that are NOT the problem:
    • changed the memory to QVL approved for the mainboard
    • disabled/enabled XMP profile
    • removed the 5700XT, swapped with RX580 and 6900XT
    • changed the PSU from 750W to spare 850W
    • downgraded the mainboard BIOS to the  version when I bought it.
    • swapped the 3700X with a 3600: problem gone....
    • swapped the 3700X with a 5800x: problem gone... (the 5800x is really hot and I returned it)
    • moved the 3700X to my other PC and the problem moved with it!
  3. installed OCCT v8 beta
    • the memory test indicated no problems even after 24 hours
    • used their CPU test with heavy load on the cpu cache and it flagged 2 cores as bad after 5 min.
      • select CPU test, Small data set, mode extreme, load type variable, auto on the rest
    • after a few hours the pc would BSOD or reboot during the stress test due to many errors.

  • fixing cpu multiplier (36x) at normal speed in the BIOS or in Ryzen Master : super stable
  • fixing cpu multiplier (39x) in the BIOS or in Ryzen Master : super stable
  • fixing cpu multiplier (40x) in the BIOS or in Ryzen Master : errors after a few hours
  • XMP on/off made no difference

  • RMA the CPU at AMD:

Kudos to AMD for a very fast RMA process!
  • Mailed for a RMA on Thursday and mentioned all the diagnostics that I already did.
  • received a prepaid DHL return label on Friday
  • sent CPU back also on Friday by DHL Pickup service.
  • CPU received on Monday at noon in the AMD RMA center in the Netherlands, Europe
  • Confirmation Wednesday noon that the CPU passed inspection and RMA accepted
  • Email on Wednesday 5pm that replacement CPU was shipped to me!
  • Friday morning: brand new CPU 3700X