Tuesday, May 11, 2021

 Carette compressor first problem after 4 years.

Guess what the compressor had its first problem after 4 years.
It seems the non-return valve malfunctioned and blocked the inflow of the high pressure into the oil water seperator.
The end-result was a mini explosion when the steel tube removed itself from the ferrule after a too high pressure buildup 💣

the non-return valve before it failed

tube removed itself under the too high pressure

The culprit was the green rubber inside the non-return valve, it sheered off a small piece and that piece blocked the ingress of the high pressure air.

the failed non-return valve

The repair :
  • ordered a spare ferrule set and used it to reconnect the steel tube to the non-return valve.
  • removed the green rubber part so it no longer can block the inflow
All is fine again. No leaking even with the green rubber removed... 😎