Saturday, April 15, 2017

Denon AVR-3808 left speaker sound problem


  • no sound from left speaker when receiver powers on.
  • sound will return after 10 minutes or if volume goes above -15dB
  • crackling sound while changing the volume.
  • no problem with the headphone connection.

What you need:

  • Lots of spare time.
  • The service manual of the receiver. You can download it here.
  • A soldering iron/station. 

This schematic narrows the problem:

Remember the part that the headphone did not exhibit the problem... The headphone uses a separate relay: RL108
So it's not the amplifier but one of the relay.

The Cause:

  • A failing relay: RL101 DS24D2
Next find the official part number:

And find a shop where they still sell it.

A few days later in the mail:

So it seems the yamaha genuine parts also work in the Denon, after all it's just a relay.

And now the most difficult part....

The tear down of the receiver:

 We have narrowed the problem, the only thing left to do is to exchange the part....
In the service manual you can find all the steps to fully disassemble the receiver.

Cover removed. 
The RL101 is on the card on the lowest part of the receiver, So we need to remove ALL the cards in  the receiver :( It is a 3D puzzle!

1st part of the 3D puzzle removed
the complete input frame with the complex cards attached removed in one part

RL101 visible, still need to take out the complete board

removed all but front and power-supply
The failing relay on the left , the new relay on the right

the failing relay without the cover
the reassembled 3808


  1. Nice blog!
    I have the same problem with my Denon 3808. I can't find the RL101 DS24D2 nor the DS24SU relay. Do you have the specification of the relay or suggestions for another relay that fit?

    1. you could open your old relais and clean the contacts with contact cleaner. This will also make it work again. I suppose that a generic 6pin relay 24VDC with a 3A or 5A 30VDC rating will also work. Check on aliexpress.

  2. I have the same Denon and the relay used is Fujitsu ftr-f4ak024t. I had the same problem and was able to follow the steps provided in your blog to clean the relay since I was not able to get the replacement relays in India. Thanks for the detailed steps. I will have to replace whenever I get the relays in future. My kids used to plug the headphone connector in the socket whenever the speaker turned off and it worked for some time.