Friday, May 19, 2017

Repairing an ipad air 2 with spots on the left side of the display

Well after swapping the old battery in my ipad air 2 I got a nasty surprise....
Spotlights on the left side of the screen!
First thought was: I messed up the screen with my smd airstation heat while trying to remove the glued display :-(
So I ordered a new one, installed it and ..... still the same problem.

After some googling and some more you-tubing. I spotted the same problems with the Iphone 6 and 6S. Apparently it is the backlight filter fuse that fails.

One small problem, really small, even so small that I can't see it without a microscope?

The 1 euro cent coin has a diameter of 16.25mm

the top left and middle components are the failed filters, notice the fine split in the middle one

Next steps in the coming days will be to order the components and try to desolder the filters without killing the ipad air. I don't have any nano tweezers so it will be challenging...

Heat issues

Filter was replaced, both of them to be sure. But spots still are there. A new issue has occurred, the ipad heats up :-)

The cause is the failing zener diode. A diode test reveals 0.2v on the left (good) one and 1.5v (bad) on the other. So I replaced it and all works now.

The cause of all this was me forgetting to FIRST remove the battery connector before disconnecting  the display flex cable. It shorted the fuse and the zener diode.

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