Tuesday, July 3, 2018

APS CAM870 MK2 paintball co2 pin nozzle firing problem

The APS CAM870 mk2 marine edition paintball.

Was looking for a shotgun paintball for the collection with some realistic loading.
Here it is:

It uses an internal bolt system on Co2:

There are lots of reviews online so I won't be doing one!

Because mine does not work out of the box....

So what's the problem? Well the Co2 does not power the cartridge. When firing the only thing that happens is a puff of Co2 smoke from the back of the bolt!

Guess what: the firing pin broke on the first strike. This does not bode well for the future.

Here is a photo of a complete pin:
This is the part I found loose inside the cam870: the back of the pin.


I know I did not dry fire the gun, so or the pin left the factory already broken/weakened or it really did brake on the first strike. In both cases, this means that there is a serious flaw in the design of the pin.

I'm waiting for the shop to reply for my warranty claim...
Update 15/07/2018: received the replacement pin under warranty and it all works fine now.

Some chronos: 

4gram ball @170-190fps = 5.3 - 6.6 Joule = 3.9 - 4.9 fpe

be sure to add silicone spray into the co2 port when charging, the first shots were very low on fps due to leaking...

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